DBT-10 Day Training Dr. Charles Swenson

The training will follow the typical comprehensive training in DBT, a ten-day training, which will take place in two five day segments spaced approximately 6 months apart. The first 5 days is comprehensive learning of all aspects of DBT. During the interval, the participants engage in practice assignments to apply the learning from Part 1, and they take a knowledge exam based on Part 1.

In the second five days the focus is on consultation to their cases, consultation to implementation of DBT, adaptation of DBT to particular populations and contexts (e.g., substance use disorders, adolescents and families, etc.), and more focus on practice of DBT sessions, strategies, skills teaching, and suicide crisis protocol.

Please note that DBT considers this 10-day training the standard. This training can lead to formal certification in DBT. Certification also includes taking a knowledge exam (based on the training) , submitting a case conceptualization, and submitting session tapes for review.

Certification is awarded by the DBT-Linehan board of certification. For further information see their webpage https://dbt-lbc.org/index.php?page=100153.

While in the past Behavioral-Tech based in Seattle provided their own certification and Dr. Swenson was the primary trainer in the East Coast, currently everything is done through the aforementioned board. Please see behavioral tech’s page on this for more information http://behavioraltech.org/resources/certification.cfm.

For more information on Dr. Swenson, please visit his website at http://charlieswenson.com/

Please also note that not everyone goes for full certification. As per Dr. Swenson, attending this 10-day intensive is the next best thing to achieving full certification.

CE: $40 (waived for first 25 to register)

We will offer CE credits for this training via CE Learning Systems. It is one CE credit per training hour, totaling approximately 7 CE credits per day.
Included in this training is the option for 1-2 telephone (or Skype) consultations with Dr. Swenson between Parts 1 and 2.




Doing DBT: An Advanced Intensive Training

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