Clinical Services

Our Services

We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism. Our mission is to meet the behavioral health needs of the various segments of the Orthodox Jewish community and beyond. Hence, we strive to make treatment accessible and delivered in a culturally friendly environment. We currently have offices in the following locations–Flatbush, Boro Park, Williamsburg,  and Sullivan County–and are looking to expand. We believe that effective treatment is accomplished as a collaboration between the client and the therapist.

Therefore, our focus is on helping you reach your goals as rapidly and directly as possible using a wide variety of techniques, tailored specifically for you. We use scientifically supported interventions while maintaining a pragmatic and flexible approach focused on your particular problems.

Individual Therapy

Utilizing a team approach, we conduct clinical interviews with both parents and school and use behavior rating scales to obtain a comprehensive portrait of your child. Upon completion of the evaluation, individual therapy addresses the challenges observed during the assessment by one of our highly skilled clinicians.

Group Trainings

Group trainings by expert clinicians will address a variety of topics geared towards parents and children. Group topics include: social skills, anger management & parent coaching.


We utilize a team approach in obtaining a thorough understanding of your child’s diagnoses leading to custom tailored recommendations.
We work with a variety of consultants from various fields to assure that an accurate assessment is conducted.
As members of the different segments of the community, we understand the educational system and the community resources to recommend the best treatment package for your child.
We service children experiencing a range of difficulties including anxiety, OCD, social skills, ADHD, and other emotional, social & behavioral challenges.
A range of services are available to assist your family including assessments, individual and group therapy geared towards remediating various challenges.