Forwarding Your Career

With an Engaging Curriculum

Our years of experience as a prestigious group of mental health clinicians focused on client support amid cultural sensitivity has laid the groundwork for introductions to many of the country’s leading psychologists and mental health experts. Accessing our distinguished network of instructors, we present the broad mental health professional community with a highly successful curriculum of engaging training centered on the most pertinent and innovative approaches to treatment.

With either in-person or on-line training options, you gain from powerful presentations focused on family and child therapeutic treatment and intervention, equipping you with more comprehensive understanding and up-to-date effective tools to address an array of client cases. Upon completion of each course, you are awarded with Continued Education credits, assisting you in meeting your state’s licensure maintenance requirements.

"The wealth of material presented in the curriculum equips mental health professionals with progressive approaches, advancing effective solutions for their clients."

Professional Development

By Professionals Immersed in the Field

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Nachas collaborates with agencies and larger groups to bring quality trainings for their staff