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Early bird includes discount and complementary CE credits. \nPlease scroll to the bottom of this page  for registration information. \nRegistration is on a first-come-first-served basis \n  \nAbout the Workshop: \nEmotionally Focused Therapy\, often called EFT\, is a form of therapy that strives to help individuals identify the underlying emotions that guide their relationships. The EFT approach was first developed by Susan Johnson and Les Greenberg in the 1980s\, and it continues to become one of the most popular and effective ways to improve relationships. EFT is a data validated approach to therapy\, based in attachment theory. It is used with couples\, families\, individuals\, and even businesses. Focused on creating connections in relationships. EFT leads to greater fulfillment and success. \nThe EFT Externship\, as developed by Dr. Sue Johnson and presented by ICEEFT-Certified Trainer Debi Scimeca-Diaz\, LMFT\, LCADC ONLINE\, is more than just an introduction to Emotionally Focused Therapy. It is an educational and experiential immersion in learning a new and empirically validated way to work with couples. The EFT Externship is the first step toward EFT Certification \nThe 4-day EFT externship is not days of lectures and slides. Debi Scimeca-Diaz is a powerful\, passionate presenter who believes in “teach\, show\, do\,” which means you will learn through a variety of modalities\, including: watching and discussing clinical videos of EFT therapists working with couples; practicing through role plays and experiential exercises that will help you “feel” the model in a safe\, supportive way through the assistance of advanced EFT clinicians; and processing through daily small-group “homeroom” sessions\, which are a supportive place for questions and group discussion… Additionally\, you will have the opportunity to witness Debi practice the model through TWO LIVE CONSULTATIONS\, working with two different volunteer client couples. \nYou will leave the Externship with a new way to conceptualize your work with couples and a road map for how to work in the moment\, in the room with them\, so that you are more confident in helping your couples reconnect and repair. As often reported by attendees\, you may also leave the Externship with a more compassionate way to see the relationships in your own life. \n  \nExternship Learning Objectives:\nDescribe the basic experiential and systemic concepts of an “emotionally focused” approach to couples therapy.\nDescribe couple distress and relationship repair based on the EFT model and attachment theory.\nAssist partners in reprocessing the emotional responses that maintain relational distress.\nAssist partners in shaping new interactional patterns and in creating bonding events.\nIdentify interventions to overcome therapeutic impasses with couples. \n  \nThere is no known commercial support nor conflict of interest for this program. \n  \nMeet the Instructor: \n \nDebi Scimeca-Diaz has studied and trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and is one of a small group of ICEEFT Certified Trainers worldwide. Dr. Sue Johnson\, director and founder of the International Center for Excellence in EFT (www.iceeft.com)\, has put her heart and soul into creating\, researching\, and spreading the life changing benefits of EFT. \n\n\nDebi Scimeca-Diaz Professional Background \n\n\n\n\n• Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist\n• Certified Emotionally Focused Trainer and Supervisor (www.ICEEFT.com)\n• Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT)\n• AAMFT Approved Supervisor\n• Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor\n• With over 25 years experience in the field \n\n  \n\nComments from Past Participants: \n1) “The EFT externship with Debi Scimeca Diaz is one of the most valuable trainings I have ever taken. Debi teaches clinicians how to help clients stay with the depth of their emotional experience instead of detouring into context\, cognition\, and other avoidant strategies. She has a unique blend of gentle compassion\, directness\, authenticity\, and humor. She has a wealth of experience using EFT with complex cases and teaching it to a wide range of clinicians in assorted settings.” \n  \nTzipora Shub\, LCSW \nPrivate Practice\, Brooklyn\, NY and Monsey\, NY \nClinical Instructor\, Wurzweiler School of Social Work \nCertified EMDR practitioner \n  \n2) “I have done this training given by Debi in February 2020 and it has literally changed my work dramatically. She is an incredibly talented clinician AND teacher.  I highly recommend it!!” \n  \nElchanan Erlanger LSW \nWeClique Therapy Center \nClifton\, NJ \n  \n3)  “Debi is an amazing person and trainer! She is deeply knowledgeable in EFT and has a unique ability to give it over in an experiential and entertaining way! I learned a lot from her and continue to try and implement the nuggets I have taken with me from the training. I would definitely recommend attending her trainings.” \n  \nMordechai Jacobs\, LCSW \nDBT Intensively trained \nCedarhurst NY \n  \n4)  “I took Debi’s EFT training\, and it was a game changer in my career as both a couples and individual therapist. During her training\, I watched videos of her own work as well as live couple sessions at the training itself. They were the most magnificently life altering therapy sessions I had ever seen. As an attachment-oriented therapist\, the style and deep impact of her work really resonated with me. The training was fun\, connecting\, and very experiential: it was not about the research\, it was about the experience.” \n  \nChanoch Krohn\, LCSW \nLakewood\, NJ \n  \n5) “I have recently attended this training and I can attest that it has taken my career to a whole new level!” \n  \nAron Hirschfeld\, LMSW\, CASAC-T\, CCTP \nMonsey\, NY \n  \n6) “Attending last year’s EFT Externship with Debi has been the most impactful step in my professional journey thus far and started me on the path toward EFT certification. Debi is an incredible therapist and trainer\, and the colleagues I met– and continue to stay in touch with– have been supportive\, compassionate\, like-minded therapists. I highly recommend this training to all who are able to attend! \nBasically\, I can’t say enough good about this\, and I’m not being paid to say it so feel free to email me privately if you’d like to know more!” \n  \nSimi Lichtman\, LCSW \nClifton\, NJ \n  \n7) “It was during my EFT externship with Debi that I was overwhelmed with the feeling of homecoming. “Where have you been all this time?” and “This is what I always knew therapy can look like” was the music I heard. The ability to hone into people’s deepest emotions and sense-of-self\, from a place of fearless validation\, compassion and authenticity is the bread and butter of EFT. An essential training for all clinicians no matter what orientation they come from. Debi is masterful and second to none\, I cannot think of anyone more qualified to give this training. Looking forward to seeing you there.” \nYosef Gurevitch LCSW \nDirector WeClique Therapy Center \nDirector of Operations\, Emotionally Focused Center of New Jersey \nAdjunct Professor Wurzweiler School of Social Work \n  \n\nAgenda:  \n\nPlease note: since this training will be delivered over 4 days\, exact schedule will shift somewhat. \nDay 1 AM\nRegistration and Check in\nIntroduction to Externship &  Attachment Science as a Guide for Psychotherapy ― EFIT\, EFCT\, EFFT\nBasics of the EFT Model ― Experiential & Systemic \nDay 1 PM\nOverview of the process of change ― Stages and Steps\nEFT Tango Across Modalities\nExercise or DVD Clip & Discussion \nDay 2 AM\nCase Presentation: Live Session or Tape Review or Case Role-Play ― Discussion\nAssessment in EFIT & EFCT\nAlliance Building \nDay 2 PM\nStage 1 ― Stabilization / De-escalation of Negative Cycles\nExercise or DVD Clip & Discussion \nDay 3 AM\nCase Presentation / Live Session or Tape Review / Discussion\nMicro Interventions / RISSSC / Catch-the-Bullet / Building Attachment / Slice It Thinner \n Day 3 PM\nStage 2 and Change Events\nExercise or DVD Clip & Discussion \nDay 4 AM\nEFIT ― Goals ― Tango ― Watch DVD Sessions\nForgiveness and Attachment Injuries in EFCT \nDay 4 PM\nEscalated Couples / Traumatized Individual Clients\nExercises or DVD Clip & Discussion \n  \nApplication Deadline \n  February 1\, 2022 or until all training spaces are filled\, whichever comes first. \n Notification of Acceptance \n Applicants will be notified\, via email\, of acceptance when registration is complete and payment is received. \nRefund/Cancellation Policy  \nTuition/registration payments are refundable (minus $50) until January 1\, 2022. Cancellations after this date are non-refundable. In this situation\, we will attempt to find someone to take your slot (based on our waiting list). \nCourse level  \n  Intermediate \nLevel of clinician  \nIntermediate \nAccessibility \n If you require ADA accommodations\, please contact our office 30 days or more before the event. We cannot ensure accommodations without adequate prior notification \nThe Grievance Policy for trainings provided by NEFESH INTERNATIONAL is available here. \nPlease Note: Licensing Boards change regulations often\, and while we attempt to stay abreast of their most recent changes\, if you have questions or concerns about this course meeting your specific board’s approval\, we recommend you contact your board directly to obtain a ruling. \nCE Information: \nContinuing Education Credit (24) is granted through Nefesh International for the following professions:  Psychologists\, Social workers\, Mental Health Counselors\, and LMFTs. It is the participant’s responsibility to check with their individual state boards to verify CE requirements for their state. \nNEFESH International\, Inc. is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Psychology as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed psychologists #PSY-0116. \nNEFESH International is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Mental Health Practitioners as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed marriage and family therapists #MFT-0046 \nNEFESH International is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Mental Health Practitioners as an approved provider of continuing education for Mental Health Counselor #MHC-0082 \nNEFESH International is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Social Work as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed social workers #SW-0048. \nThis program is co-sponsored by NEFESH International and Neuhoff Psychological Consulting . NEFESH International is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. NEFESH International\, maintains responsibility for the program and its content. \nSatisfactory Completion: \nParticipants must have paid the tuition fee\, logged in and out each day\, attended the entire webinar\, and completed an evaluation to receive a certificate. Failure to log in or out will result in forfeiture of credit for the entire course. No exceptions will be made. Partial credit is not available. Certificates are available electronically after satisfactory course completion. A link will be provided for those who have completed the training. \n\n\nAPPLICATION INFORMATION: \nTo apply for this training\, please send an email to Nachasconsulting@gmail.com with the following information. \nUpon receipt of the application\, we will be in contact with you regarding acceptance status and payment information. \n\nName\, Address\, Email\, telephone\nHighest degree earned\, License type & number\, and current employer\nAre you interested in CEUs?\nDo you prefer to attend this training live (Lakewood\, NJ) or virtually?\nHow did you find out about this training?\nPlease copy and paste the statements below.\n\nI have the educational training\, qualifications\, and professional credentials to practice as a mental health professional in the area where I live or I am in a formal training program of supervised internship to become a mental health professional. \nI agree to keep confidential the personal identifying information of case material shared in the training. \nI agree to not record any part of this training in any format (audio\, video\, or visual). Personal written notes of non-confidential material are permitted. \n URL:https://nachasconsulting.com/event/eft-externship/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR