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Introduction to Motivational Interviewing by Stephen Rollnick, PhD

November 20, 2017

Motivational Interviewing: An introduction

 With: Dr. Stephen Rollnick



DATE:          Monday, November 20, 2017

TIME:           9AM-5PM

PLACE:        Merkaz Hall (1898 Bay Avenue, Brooklyn) (near corner of Avenue M and East 19th Street. It is easily accessible to public transportation, a few short blocks from the Q train and the B9 bus stops at the corner. There is also street side parking throughout the neighborhood.)

FEE:                $250. Early bird (prior to November 10) $235 .

Includes morning and afternoon refreshments, lunch, handouts and Continuing Education credits and Certificate. Please contact us at nachasconsulting@gmail.com for special group rates.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to register.


About the Workshop: Motivational interviewing (MI), with over 700 published controlled trials to date, is being increasingly used not just in mental health care and addiction, but across all care settings where clients face the need to change their behavior, such as in general health care and education. Dr. Rollnick is a co-founder of MI, and has been responsible for much of the evelopment work designed to help practitioners in diverse settings to address change by giving their clients the chance to say why and how they might change (i.e., to evoke motivation from within them as opposed to trying to persuade them to change).  How to connect rapidly with clients, and evoke motivation to change is at the heart of MI and this workshop.

This workshop will cover the overall spirit of MI and the listening skills that form its foundation, participants will have the opportunity to practice skills in real play and role-play scenarios. The relevance of MI for their everyday practice will be addressed.

 Meet the Instructor:

Dr. Stephen Rollnick is a co-founder of motivational interviewing. He is an Honorary Distinguished Professor at Cochrane School of Primary Care & Public Health, Cardiff University, with a research focus on good practice in efforts to promote change and behavior change among patients, clients and the practitioners who serve them.  He is a clinical psychologist with many years of experience in service provision and in the training of practitioners.  This work, much of it on motivational interviewing (MI), has taken him into diverse cultures and settings.

Dr. Rollnick is the co-author of  Motivational interviewing: Preparing People for Change (Miller and Rollnick, 1991; 2001 & 2012), Motivational Interviewing in Schools (Rollnick, Kaplan, & Rutschman, 2016) & Health Behaviour Change: A Guide for Practitioners (Rollnick, Mason & Butler, 1999) as well as many other texts.



CE Information:

Psychologists and Social workers who participate in this course will receive 6 continuing education clock hours.

A continuing education certificate for the event will be obtained using the website, CE-Go. Approximately 3 days after the event, you will receive an email containing a link to CE-Go.   (This link will be sent to the email account you used to register for the event).

Upon accessing the CE-Go website, you will be able to:

  • Complete evaluation forms for the event (Mandatory to receive credit for each session)
  • Download your continuing education certificate in a PDF format

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the CE-Go process, please contact CE-Go at +1 888-498-5578 or by email at support@ce-go.com



8:30-9:00      Registration

9:00 – 10:30

Introduction and Foundations

How the familiar use of a guiding style and a strengths based approach provide the  foundation for motivational interviewing (MI)

Overview of MI

The challenges in a conversation about change and the origins of motivational interviewing: A new 4-step model.

1030–1100 Break


Advice Giving

Deconstruct the principles of skillful advice-giving and its relationship to motivational interviewing

Core Skills

Overview and practice

1230—130 Lunch


The heart of MI: Evoking Change Talk

Explanation, Demonstration, and Practice

300—330 Break


Advice Giving and Everyday Practice



Learning Objectives: At end of the workshop, participants will be able to:


  • Explain and understand what motivational interviewing is
  • Recognize when its best to avoid the righting reflex and direct persuasion
  • Use reflective listening to a much higher standard
  • Produce better outcomes when talking about difficult change issues with clients




November 20, 2017